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2019 Peugeot 508

Posted at March 4, 2018 7:36 by admin in Peugeot

Prototypes for Peugeot’s brand new 508 have actually been spotted undergoing screening prior to it goes on sale in 2019. These test cars, displayed in images courtesy of Car Scoops, wear body panels raised from the 308 SW to camouflage the new car’s styling but it’s expected to draw motivation from the Exalt Idea.

2019 Peugeot 508 | Engine   Images

2019 Peugeot 508 Styling

The new 2019 Peugeot 508 is expected to sport appealing styling motivated by the recent Peugeot Exalt Concept. This slinky four-door saloon featured an uncommon forward-swept grille and complex chrome detailing that could all be rollovered to the production model. Its two-tone paintjob could be dropped in favour of a less dissentious palette, however, while the Exalt’s flattened roofline and giant alloy wheels are anticipated to be modified prior to the 508 appears in dealerships, too.

2019 Peugeot 508 | Exterior   Photo

2019 Peugeot 508 Interior

The extended 308 SW body panels fitted to this test car suggest the brand-new 508 might be larger than the outbound model and may boast a more large boot and higher levels of legroom. Its interior could draw from both the Exalt Concept’s and 5008 SUV’s cabins and feature a comparable small steering wheel, high-mounted instruments and a clever row of toggle turns on the centre console. Unfortunately, the Exalt’s walnut control panel and unusual square wheel aren’t expected to feature in the completed 508.

2019 Peugeot 508 Engines and Driving

The 2019 Peugeot 508 is anticipated to make usage of a similar variety of engines as the 3008 SUV. The most frugal choice might be Peugeot’s upcoming 98hp 1.6-litre diesel engine that should return more than 70mpg while a choice of more effective diesel motor ranging from a 118hp 1.6-litre system to a 178hp 2.0-litre should also be offered. Fuel fans should be provided the choice of either a revvy 1.2-litre three-cylinder system– best for buzzing around town– or a more effective 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine that’ll be more comfortable at motorway speeds.

2019 Peugeot 508 | Side HD Photo

2019 Peugeot 508 Price and Release Date

The incomplete state of this test car suggests the brand-new 2019 Peugeot 508 won’t hit UK roadways till as late as 2019. When it does, it’s anticipated to set you back around the same as the outgoing model throughout the range. Entry-level cars might cost from around ₤ 24,000 while top-spec models might bring a price of more than ₤ 32,000.


Gallery of 2019 Peugeot 508

2019 Peugeot 508 | Side HD Image2019 Peugeot 508 | Side High Resolution Picture2019 Peugeot 508 | Exterior HD Pictures2019 Peugeot 508 | Side HD Pictures2019 Peugeot 508 | Tail Light HD Image2019 Peugeot 508 | Side   Wallpaper
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